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Where every?experience with beer is positive.
We empower consumers to make?smart drinking choices.

Where Every Experience With Beer Is Positive | SAB

We aspire for a healthier world where every experience with beer is a positive one. We are passionate about brewing great beers for our consumers to enjoy, but know that not all the drinking choices of our consumers are the right ones all the time. The harmful use of alcohol remains an issue of significant concern to governments, society and to us. To address this global issue, the World Health Organization (WHO) has set a target to reduce the harmful use of alcohol by 10% by 2025. This is also an area of focus within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We know that in order to ensure a long-term and sustainable reduction of harmful drinking, consumer behaviors need to shift. We are driving meaningful impact through our Global Smart Drinking Goals (GSDGs), launched in 2015. These goals encapsulate our efforts to make a deeper investment in programs that measurably shift social norms and behaviors around harmful alcohol use. We are also helping to empower consumers to make smart drinking choices by ensuring they have access to No- and Lower-Alcohol options and robust health information about the products they are consuming. Our programs and initiatives in these areas have been developed in partnership with public health experts to ensure we’re following highest level of technical and scientific evidence approach.

Global City Pilots

Our first Global Smart Drinking Goal is to reduce the harmful use of alcohol by 10% in six pilot cities. We have worked with experts to examine a combination of factors to determine where we could best make an impact.

Influencing social norms

Over the course of the next few years, we have committed to investing at least 1 billion USD across our markets to dedicated social marketing campaigns and programs to influence social norms and behaviors around alcohol consumption.

Expanding product portfolio

More consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional beer that are light, refreshing and in-sync with their active lifestyles. An ideal choice for occasions like a work lunch, a casual afternoon with friends and those of people with active lifestyles, we believe the market for No- and Lower-Alcohol beers is likely to grow significantly in the next decade.

Increasing alcohol literacy

We are currently working with Tufts University’s Public Health group to prototype a Global Guidance Label, which we plan to place on all our beer products by the end of 2020.

We established an independent Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ensure the programs and initiatives launched in support of our goals reflect current evidence-based research, correspond to the state of relevant science and are credible and well-executed.

H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH on our Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

AB InBev's Global Smart Drinking Goals initiative is enhanced by the involvement of an independent Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG aims to foster evidence-based programming, well-designed program implementation and strong measurement and evaluation of the Global Smart Drinking Goals. By including in the TAG a spectrum of experts from across alcohol research, alcohol treatment, health communication, and measurement and evaluation, the TAG offers both academic and practical opinions to the larger effort of the Global Smart Drinking Goals. By operating outside of the business interests of AB InBev, the TAG can recommend practical strategies which hold the most promise for community-based efforts linked to the Global Smart Drinking Goals.

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