Selecting And Combining The Highest Quality Of People | SAB
Selecting and combining? the highest quality of people.
Are you a self-driven achiever??A fresh thinker and proactive doer?

Selecting And Combining The Highest Quality Of People | SAB

1. How do I apply for a position at SAB?
Should you be interested in pursuing a career at SAB, you can register your CV and apply for vacancies using the SAB Career Portal. Only applications submitted via the portal will be considered

2. How do I search for available positions at SAB?
Once logged in to the SAB Career Portal you can search for opportunities under the Employment Opportunities > Job Search or Application via Reference Code menu options.  Alternatively you can use the Search and Apply or Reference Code links on the Careers Page.

3. What if I’ve forgotten my password?
Click on the My Profile link on the Careers Page and click on the Forgotten your password? hyperlink.

Supply your e-mail address and/or user name and click on the Request Password button.  You will receive an e-mail containing your user name and a new system generated password. Click on the Back to Logon button from the Have you forgotten your password? page or click on the My Profile link on the Careers Page.  Enter your user name, copy and paste the new password into the Password field and click on the Log On button.  You will be prompted to change and/or select a new password.

4. How do I change my password?
Click on the My Profile link on the Careers Page and enter your user name and current password.  Click on the Need to change your password? hyperlink.  Re-enter your current password and then select a new password and enter it into the New Password and Repeat Password fields.  Click on the Change button. A message will confirm that your password has been changed.  You will need to click on the Continue button to login.

5. What if I have received my new password but still cannot sign in?
Passwords are case sensitive, so type the password in exactly as it appears in the e-mail. If at all possible use the copy/paste functionality to copy your password into the Password field. Check that there are no additional spaces before or after the password.
Note:You can only change your password once a day.

6. How do I know if my resume has been properly submitted/received?
Each time you apply for a job opportunity, the information is routed to the recruiter. After each submission, you should receive a confirmation e-mail.  You can check on the status of your application via the Employment Opportunities > My Applications menu option.

7. Can I speak with someone about a job opportunity?
Unfortunately, due to high volumes, we cannot return phone calls.

If your application is selected for follow up, we will contact you via e-mail within 60 days from the date we received it. All communication is conducted via e-mail, so monitor your inbox as some of our communications may require timely response.
Make sure your computer settings are set so that e-mails from us are not filtered as spam.

THAN 18?
BEWARE OF SAB RECRUITMENT SCAM! Certain websites and individuals are claiming to be recruiting for SAB and in some cases soliciting money from the public for jobs.
We are in no way associated with these activities. We only recruit from our careers portal or our in-house talent acquisition and HR teams and an application would not attract any fee.